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or georgetown law and he looks exactly the same by the way. [laughter] i think we're in a situation we had better be grown-ups but with serious probably paul ryan is beginning to rootstalks. we will not get an idea from obama or peter. they are too much like this. reagan and tip where the same way from somebody else from one of the chairs of the finance committee are ways and means they know where the deals are in no though long history of the fight over and talk of reform in a corporate tax levels the alrich areas the president alludes to and republicans say they want lower taxes to compete better and also long term and have a reform with social security. and hadn't they make that happen between now and next sir say? have you do all of that? so what is a good marker to put douser each side will trust the other? and to convince them they are serious? that probably won't get their votes the table dash half. even though passer says he never said a role but everybody honor said. [laughter] like better not. everybody thinks there is one. it really can be done. half the democrats are half the r
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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